My com­pany, CarverTC, is an inbound mar­ket­ing com­pany. People often ask, “what’s the dif­fer­ence between inbound and con­tent mar­ket­ing? Don’t you do con­tent mar­ket­ing?” Yes, in fact, we do con­tent mar­ket­ing, but the terms ‘inbound mar­ket­ing’ and ‘con­tent mar­ket­ing’ are not inter­change­able.

Con­tent mar­ket­ing is a com­pon­ent of inbound mar­ket­ing. Inbound mar­ket­ing is so much more than con­tent mar­ket­ing.

Inbound mar­ket­ing is a set of tools, tech­no­lo­gies, and pro­cesses that work togeth­er to gen­er­ate traffic to your web­site — and from that traffic, leads that you will even­tu­ally con­vert into cus­tom­ers. Stated anoth­er way, inbound mar­ket­ing is the way you make your web­site earn money for you. But, in my opin­ion, inbound mar­ket­ing is the best and most access­ible pro­cess-driv­en meth­od­o­logy that can con­sist­ently help you sell your products and ser­vices online.

In this post (and accom­pa­ny­ing infograph­ic), I’ll break down the simple, essen­tial com­pon­ents of inbound mar­ket­ing, and why you need them.

David Howell

David Howell

Journalist, Writer, Micro Publisher at Nexus Publishing
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David Howell

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