Stay warm,
and con­nec­ted

Developed in response to numer­ous requests from cus­tom­ers in colder cli­mates. An extra
lay­er, made out of wool, acts as an insu­lat­or and doubles as lin­ing, provid­ing enhanced insu­la­tion.
A leath­er strap with mag­net­ic snap but­ton
provides a snap clos­ure. Anti­slip dots provide max­im­ized grip.

Take any call, at any tem­per­at­ure
Reg­u­lar gloves don’t work with touch­screens; these do! These extra­insulated touch­screen gloves work flaw­lessly with almost every touch­screen. Even in colder cli­mates, you’ll be able to use any touch­screen device while keep­ing your touch­screen gloves on!

Mujjo pion­eered unres­tric­ted touch­screen gloves, loved by tens of thou­sands of fans world­wide who have grown to depend on them. Mujjo has con­tin­ued to improve and evolve all aspects of the gloves ever since.

Mag­net­ic Snap Clos­ure
The Double Layered Touch­screen Gloves fea­ture a mag­net­ic snap clos­ure, ensur­ing strong hold­ing power while redu­cing ten­sion on the strap dur­ing open­ing / clos­ing.

Mujjo Gloves

Competitor’s touch­screen gloves are often restric­ted to func­tion­al­ity in one or two fin­ger­tips. In con­trast, Mujjo’s touch­screen gloves offer an unres­tric­ted touch­screen exper­i­ence and enable you to use all your fin­ger­tips, your knuckles and even the heel or palm of your hand.

The extra lay­er, made out of wool, acts as an insu­lat­or and doubles as lin­ing, provid­ing enhanced insu­la­tion and a soft touch. In addi­tion to enhanced thermal insu­la­tion, the gloves fea­ture a stun­ning design that takes knit­ted gloves to the next level. A leath­er strap crosses over a notch on the wrist where a care­fully placed mag­net­ic snap but­ton provides a snap clos­ure. The cuff boards are con­struc­ted of match­ing black leath­er and grip dot pat­terns on the palms of these heavy­duty gloves aid in grip­ping and provide anti­slip cap­ab­il­it­ies that will come in handy on a moist or snowy winter day.

Premi­um qual­ity and atten­tion to detail have become a hall­mark for both Mujjo’s products and brand.”
Remy Nagel­maeker (Co-Founder)

To make the gloves con­duct­ive, we’ve knit­ted high­quality silver­coated nylon fibers into the fab­ric. Capa­cit­ive touch­screens work by sens­ing the con­duct­ive prop­er­ties of your skin. Mujjo’s touch­screen gloves are made of high­quality silver­coated nylon fibers knit­ted into the fab­ric of the glove. These silver­coated nylon fibers make the gloves con­duct­ive and there­fore touch­screen com­pat­ible.

Mujjo Gloves
Mujjo Gloves
Mujjo Gloves
Mujjo Gloves
Tom Canters Mujjo

Our touch­screen gloves are loved by thou­sands world­wide. That didn’t stop us from obsess­ively eval­u­at­ing every single detail.”

Tom Canters Mujjo

Com­pat­ible with almost every touch­screen
The Double Layered Touch­screen Gloves work on all capa­cit­ive touch­screen devices includ­ing ­ but not lim­ited to ­ your iPhone 7 (and pre­vi­ous mod­els), Galaxy S7 (and pre­vi­ous mod­els) or whatever touch­screen phone you’re using. They even work on your iPad.

Stretch to fit any hand
We’ve tested dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes on numer­ous hands to optim­ize the touch­screen gloves fit. The high dens­ity tex­ture ensures insu­la­tion while the glove remains highly stretch­able. The glove takes the shape of your hand and offers a sleek fit, which guar­an­tees an optim­ized typ­ing exper­i­ence.

We have tested miles of yarn to come up with improved anti­pilling prop­er­ties for the new touch­screen gloves. The improved yarn offers strength while remain­ing soft and guar­an­tees dur­ab­il­ity over time.

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