Gath­er is a mod­u­lar home for your essen­tials, thought­fully designed to help you cut through the clut­ter.

Clut­ter. You don’t want to think about it, but it always creeps in over time, mak­ing it impossible to find things when you actu­ally need them.

As a design­er, I spend most of the day work­ing at my desk and reach for the same things over and over.

I try to stay organ­ized, but by the end of the day my desk is a com­plete, cluttered mess because there’s no cent­ral place to put everything.

I searched for a product to solve this prob­lem, but all I found were ugly, cheaply-made organ­izers.

What I wanted was a beau­ti­fully-designed, min­im­al organ­izer. Some­thing to gath­er all of my essen­tials into one cent­ral place.

So I designed Gath­er.

David Howell

David Howell

Journalist, Writer, Micro Publisher at Nexus Publishing
Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing. I have been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 20 years. I specialise in technology and business subjects. My work has appeared in the national press and many of the leading technology and business magazines.
David Howell

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